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Going boldly, together

One of the best group-gaming experiences I’ve had with a computer game was a submarine game – and I regret not being able to recall its name. One night, two friends were visiting quite late, and one had his computer in the car. Over a considerable quantity of cheap vodka, we got to talking about the particular game and a mission that he could not beat, despite numerous attempts.

A half an hour later, we had set up the computer, and sat around in the dark room, with the mission running. One of my friends handled the keyboard and all of the controls – weapons, helm and the like. I watched the informational displays, calling out sonar contacts.

My other friend sat in an armchair (mostly with his eyes closed) and listened and gave orders. Over the next three hours, we beat the mission, handily, evading the best simulated sub-hunters of the Severnyy Flot. Breaking up the workload and working as a tightly coupled team won the day.

It was glorious. You might wonder what that even has to do with the image above. I’m getting to that.

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