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How to: Get and install the Mektek Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries release, and get it to actually work

Well, after a while of thinking that the whole thing might just become vaporware, Mektek did release the free Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries game as promised yesterday, in conjunction with Microsoft.

Problem is that within about an hour or two the name-servers for their domain failed and while they came up a few hours ago, the Web-site itself is now looking deceased – which also essentially kills Mektek’s digital download system. If, however, you’ve got about 1.8GB of bandwidth free, you can still get the release and get it to work.

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Play it now — OpenTTD

Play it now!Back in 1994, Chris Sawyer released the game Transport Tycoon, which was published by Microprose. The following year (1995), a revised and updated version of the game called Transport Tycoon Deluxe (with the option for one-way signals, and some added environments) was released.

Transport Tycoon was a very popular simulation game which allowed players to build road, rail, sea and air transportation networks, moving passengers, mail and a variety of goods, either in free-play form (with or without computer opponents) or in an attempt to meet targets specified by scenarios.

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Play it now — Pathologic

Play It Now!I’m in a strange town where nothing seems quite right. Everything, really, seems a bit off and the natural and the unnatural seem to exist side-by-side.

I’ve become embroiled in events and the prognosis for the outcome looks singularly bleak. The game makes a point to remind me that I’m playing a game, but even so – whilst the locals task me with this errand or that, there’s a constant sense that I’m in over my head.

While everyone seems to be keen on giving me instructions, I’m not at all certain what I’m supposed to be doing now, what I’m supposed to be doing next, or whether I’m doing the right thing.

Really, quite a lot like life.

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Dear Steam/Valve Software

Dear Steam team and folks at Valve Software generally,

Firstly, thanks for all the nifty sales over the holiday season. That was really quite nifty, even though there were obviously some problems arising from the large number of units sold.

There’s one special present that you could give us all, however, even though it seems like a very, very, very minor thing.

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Play it now – The Witcher

Play It Now!I’ve already spoken well of The Witcher, but without going into much in the way of detail. It’s time to remedy that.

The world of The Witcher, created by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski, has been widely translated into numerous languages and adapted, into film, television, graphic novels, and a video game. It’s the video game that concerns us here.

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