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Play It Now – Grow v3

Play it now! I adore the Eyemaze ‘Grow’ series of games. They’re cute, gorgeously made, surreal and fun to fiddle with.

Mostly they involve adding a number of things in the order of your choosing and seeing what happens. There are usually one or more optimal solutions, but you shouldn’t let that stop you from just enjoying yourself and seeing what happens.

They’re Flash-based and not too heavy. You can enjoy them right now in your browser. Grow v3 has just been released.

Play them now. All of them!

More B-title games, please!

Ben Feder, CEO of Take 2 Interactive is urging games publishers to ditch B-title games and just stick with a smaller selection of A-grade games.

And that might be all well and good if it weren’t for a few simple truths, the first and foremost of which is that games publishers don’t seem to have a good handle on funding games that do not suck.

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You can keep your E3

It’s E3 time again. What I generally consider to be the worst time of the year for gaming and gamers, edging out the November/December release season (which will be discussed another time) for the real lowlight.

Picture this. What if every upcoming television series and movie were announced at and had trailers at a single weeklong event full of underdressed women, breathless producers, crowds of journalists taking shaky-cam footage, speeches about how awesome the show was going to be, and so on? Of course, by the time the show actually airs, the cast may have changed a little, they’ve got a new director, a new writer, and the drama-thriller is now an action-adventure.

E3’s like that. For games.

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Playing The Sims 3

The Sims 3 cover Actually, I’m not playing The Sims 3 myself – it isn’t really on my list just now – but apparently a whole bunch of you are, having downloaded the bootleg copy online, from wherever. That in itself isn’t so surprising, considering that apparently it’s being downloaded even more than Spore was if the stats are credible.

What’s interesting, is that every single one of you that’s mentioned to me that you’re playing the bootleg have already preordered the game and are just waiting for it to come in. Now that’s an interesting, if slightly unscientific statistic.

Jack threatens criminal charges and cake against whole Utah Legislature

From the readership figures, a lot of you can’t get enough of lifetime-disbarred Florida attorney, Jack Thompson. So, here’s an update.

Thompson doesn’t like the suggestions (“threats”) that the Utah Senate President and State Attorney General are investigating the possibilities of prosecuting Thompson as a spammer, and in a measured response has threatened to have the entire Utah Legislature added to a criminal complaint that he has filed with the FBI.

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Five things I really hate about video games

Yes, I’ve played a whole lot of games (that list isn’t even complete). There are a few things that keep coming up over and over and over about games that really bug me, even though I can be very forgiving about a game’s flaws so long as I’m getting some fun out of it. Here then, are a list of five things that I really hate about video games.

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Gatheryn steampunk MMORPG taking beta applications


If Atlus’ NeoSteam isn’t steampunky enough for you, you might be interested to know that Gatheryn, the upcoming casual steampunk MMORPG from Mindfuse is signing up beta-testers. During the beta-test period, you’ll be expected to keep your lips zipped about the game itself, while various systems are added and tuned, of course.

Signing up isn’t a guarantee that you’ll get in on the beta, but failing to sign up is a guarantee that you won’t.

California wants Supreme Court to hear case on failed violent gaming bill

The state of California has now spent rather more than half a million US dollars on its violent video games. The bill would make the renting or sale to minors of video games unlawful, if ‘the state’ determines those games to be ‘violent’. Note that that violent rating seems to be entirely independent of the existing ESRB ratings system.

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