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Don’t do what I say!

So, I decided to go back and spend a bit of time with Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Vegas 2, because I like me a bit of squad-based first-person tactical action, where my brains count for more than my reflexes.

And the weirdest things started happening. Things go alright for a while, then my avatar starts barking all sorts of conflicting orders at my squad-mates. I get them set up for a two-pronged attack on the bad-guys, and suddenly my avatar’s ordering them to hold, or go off from weapons-free, or to run around a corner, or to go have coffee.

And this keeps happening and gets worse and worse.

“Prepare for entry,” I order, indicating the door. Which is immediately followed by my avatar ordering “Regroup!”, “Halt!”, “Go over there!”, “Regroup!”

All the while punctuated by considerable swearing from yours-truly.

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