Watch out for those carrot-eating cyclists on TV

Given that the number of gamers worldwide who have played or presently play violent video games is roughly estimated to be somewhere around 250 million, and the number of shootings, school shootings and violent crimes associated with violent video games is (roughly) 10-20 per year….

Would that not suggest that there is some alternative explanation for these outbursts of violence than the video games?

In fact, there’s a far stronger correlation between violent crimes and eating carrots, or riding bicycles than there is for video games.

Besides, didn’t we used to blame these shootings on television? When did we stop blaming TV for violent crimes?

3 thoughts on “Watch out for those carrot-eating cyclists on TV”

  1. *checks her risk factors*– Eats carrots? Yes!
    – Rides a bicycle? No.
    – Watches TV? No.
    – Plays video games? Yes!
    – Uses the internet? Yes!
    – Listens to “rock and roll” devil music? Yes!
    – Is a living human being? Yes!

    Uh oh — 5 out of 7! You all had better watch out! *waves her LOLcats, Mario, Pink Floyd, and carrot sticks threateningly*… oh, wait. Those are all just risk factors for being a normal person.

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