RU SB152?

Remember the failed Utah bill created by Florida ex-attorney Jack Thompson? It was designed to make the sale of mature-rated video games to minors (by retailers if they also advertised that they did not do so) a deceptive trade-practice.

As it panned out, the bill was denied by the governor on constitutional grounds. Thompson raised the ire of the Utah legislature, and has been having another go-around with the bill in Louisiana as SB152.

It hasn’t fared so well there, either.

At the hearing yesterday, the bill’s sponsor, Senator Crowe, pretty much gutted the bill as it stood with proposed amendments, switching it from age-rated games to… well, porn, surprisingly.

Considering the sale of porn to minors is already illegal in Louisiana (and a whole lot of other places), it engendered a lot of confusion. Why ban something that’s already banned, after all?

The bill’s been pretty much deferred and looks dead in the water. Who knows what’s going on there?

[Game Politics]