2 thoughts on “Metaplace worlds can now be embedded on the Web”

  1. Hey, that was pretty neat. I already had a Metaplace account (I’m “Danton”), so all I had to do was log in. The loading takes a long time (I read a few tweets while waiting), but it was worth it.

    The SteamPunk world is aesthetically satisfying. (Who made it?) But I’m a lackadaisical gamer, so I just wandered around and fooled with the two chats (local and Metaplace-wide). I found a few other MPers wandering around, and asked if they were there because of your blog, but their answers were too few and far between. And my mousewheel wouldn’t zoom in and out (which it used to do), which makes for a claustrophobique experience.

    I’ll have to try this on my own blog.

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