PS3 Slim price falls to US$430

You thought it was US$299? Well, that’s what they’re selling it for in the USA, yes. In Australia, the new PS3 is US$430. The original model sold for around US$800.

And you wonder why we don’t buy a whole lot of current-gen consoles.

I can think of three reasons why I’d want to get a Playstation 3:

1) Backwards compatibility. Switching cables around to go between consoles wouldn’t be much fun. There are already three devices feeding into the television. Adding a fourth device? I’m not even sure there’s space.

2) Runs Linux. If I’m going to get myself a smart piece of electronics, the least it can let me do is use those smarts for things I want it to do, as well as for the things the manufacturer wants it to do. A CELL-based Linux-system on that hardware stratum? Definitely a useful tool.

3) Plays Playstation 3 games. Yes, this is only one item out of of three. With Playstation 3 games retailing for over $US90 each in-store, I’d definitely be buying only the occasional stand-out title. So that other stuff is at least as important to me as the fact that it runs current generation Playstation games.

Mulling over the value proposition of the new Playstation 3, the problem is that the price has dropped 25%, but the value proposition has been cut by 66% (backwards compatibility and Linux support have been removed).

So, the console is now cheaper (though still expensive) and the value proposition is worse. Essentially, after the price cut, I’m paying more for less.

Previously if you weight things equally, I would have been paying $US180 per desired feature (three features). Now I’d be paying US$430 per feature (only one feature).

I can’t say as that holds all that much appeal.