Because they’re not space-aliens

One multiply-convicted 19-year-old felon accidentally shoots another multiply convicted 20-year-old felon in the head with an illegal firearm that neither of them should possess.

Police say video games may be involved. The headline goes further and suggests that video games may have “prompted” the shooting.

They were at home, and playing video games, when the accidental shooting occurred.


Because they’re not bloody space-aliens. What would a 19-year-old and 20-year-old do in their downtime, between spending time with gangs, committing crimes involving guns and narcotics? Playing video games like any other fellows their age?

Just like virtually every other person on the planet of that age in a first-world country.

Now if you had a story that said “Neither of the brothers (aged 19 and 20) played video games” you’d blink and think “What the heck? Is something wrong with them?”

Because not playing video games would be abnormal.

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