End of the game-purchasing season

For me, this week marks the end of the game-purchasing season for me for 2009. Normal purchasing will resume near the end of January.

Unless it’s outrageously discounted, it’s now off the menu until 2010.

That means that I won’t be playing all the latest titles as they come out, but it does mean that I’ll have the luxury to pick and choose, take my time with games, probably have them as fully-patched as they’re going to get once I sit down with them, get twice as many games, and pay half or less than the rest of you. That sounds like an awesome arrangement to me.

There’s one title that’s an exception. A gift for someone else whose ship-date slipped into the forbidden zone, but still a promise I’m planning to make good on.

In the meantime, I’ve got plenty of older games to replay, including some quite venerable titles and (of course) the Might and Magic series.