Lame searches: cheat codes to get your account unbanned

Something I rummage through periodically are the search results that people use to get to this site. A lot of people come here through the site appearing in amongst this or that search result. Some of them are obvious, some of them are weird.

A few are lurid, and then there’s one commonly recurring set that is particularly lame.

Seems I get dozens of people every day who apparently are looking for some cheat-code or hack which will unlock, undelete or unban their online game or virtual environment account without contacting the operator.

There’s people looking for some magic code to unban their Second Life account without talking to Linden Lab, or to unban their World of Warcraft account without Blizzard’s knowledge, or Runes of Magic, or their Steam account or whatever.

Dozens of people seem to be searching for some hack or cheat-code that will somehow unban or undelete their account in the operator’s database without the operator knowing.

I’m going to be a bit blunt here: There isn’t one, and you’re naive and gullible if you’ve somehow become convinced that there is.

If someone’s told you that there is, they’re lying to you, or otherwise just telling tales.

The database where your character or account is stored contains all sorts of stuff, passwords, personal and billing information, inventory, game-currency your ban status and whatever. If you could actually get at that, it would pretty much be a disaster. There are no cheat codes to give you access to this.

You might hear tales about programmers putting in back-doors to systems – that doesn’t really happen anymore, as all code for critical systems is generally reviewed by multiple people, and periodically audited for security. Even non-critical code gets this treatment in most cases.

As for the operators putting in back-door codes for their own use, they make sure that only someone within the company can actually use those back-doors. If you’re not logged in at Blizzard (or wherever) there’s no way for you to make them work, even if you know how. Even then, these shortcuts only generally work for test-servers, and not the production servers where customers have their accounts.

In short, if Valve have banned your steam account for using hacked games or clients, if Blizzard’s banned your account for… well whatever, or Linden Lab’s thrown your account out of Second Life, there’s only one practical way to get it back.

Not every operator has an appeal process in any case. If they don’t, and your account is banned all you can do is learn your lesson and move on, or (if you think that a court will agree with you) talk to your lawyer about filing a lawsuit, and be prepared to convince a judge that they were unfair and that you did nothing wrong (the operator will have all the relevant logs including everything you did or said ready to show the court, so if you don’t want to waste your money, you’d better be blameless).

Don’t tell the operator that you’re going to sue them if they don’t give you your account back, because nobody will take you seriously if you do. They’ll just laugh at you.

And if you still think there’s some way to get your account unbanned without appealing and apologizing, or standing in a courtroom, then everyone else gets to laugh at you.

6 thoughts on “Lame searches: cheat codes to get your account unbanned”

  1. I have to ask, are you really surprised that the same sort of people who think copybotting items in SL, using cheats in TF2, and generally doing the sort of thing that gets an account banned, turn out not to be the brightest of the bunch? That they genuinely appear to think cheat codes are some sort of strange magic?

    (After all, everyone knows the bright people with a lack of morals go into investment banking 😀 )

  2. @xugu Although ppl do not have to do anything to get banned. I have had it happen a couple of times because I am unlucky enough to share an ISP with someone that keeps getting banned from SL.

  3. what are the keywords that make it obvious they want to bypass the operators and unban themselves by themselves?

  4. Search query strings like this one:

    “hack to get unbanned from wow without blizzard knowing”
    or this one:
    “is there a cheat code to unban runes of magic account”
    or even
    “hack blizzard database to get wow unbann” [sic]

    And so on. There’s hundreds of variations.

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