Dear gold-farmers, gold-sellers and power-levelers

Dear gold-farmers, gold-sellers and power-levelers,

You spam my chat, hawking your wares, so that I cannot talk to my friends in the game. Why should I listen to you?

You crowd around spawns making it hard for me to obtain gold of my own. Why should I pay you for it?

You crowd around quest objectives leveling characters, making it hard for me to complete the quests and level mine. Why should I pay you to level my character when you’re preventing me from doing it myself?

You operate unlawfully, in breach of contractual agreements you made when you created your accounts. A violation of trust. You’re breaking a deal you made, so that you can profit.

Why then would I be gullible enough to trust you with my credit card? Why should I believe the deal you want to make with me would be any more important to you than the deal you made with any MMOG operator? I mean, honestly, you break faith with large companies replete with lawyers all day, every day – but you expect me to believe you’ll be honest with me?

Seriously, you mess up the fun I could be having, and then want me to pay you so that I can skip over any fun I might have had actually playing the game?

That doesn’t even make sense.

7 thoughts on “Dear gold-farmers, gold-sellers and power-levelers”

  1. That whirring sound you hear, Tat, is the sound of a goldfarmer spinning very hard from what is possibly the world’s most eloquent slap in the face ever since Lum The Mad started writing about MMO stuff.

  2. Just wait till they go to Second Life. “Get Cheap Lindens now!!!”

    Sarcasm aside, the problem is they operate because there ARE people gullible enough to pay for it. It certainly doesn’t help when you’re stuck in an environment that means you practically have to use their services to make any real progress. Warcraft is certainly one of those and Aion is very much looking to be another one of those MMOs which will encourage the need for goldfarmers.

    In the end, you can never remove the grind from an MMO, but you can stop making it such a timesink that it will discourage the need for gold farming.

  3. now you put it like that, they kinda remind me of those people that would hold for ransom people’s neighborhood in SL, filling parcels in the holes of donut parcels and parcels around with crap (spinning ads towers etc)

  4. Come to EVE Online, where CCP isn’t afraid to wield the Banhammer and take care of those guys. Where, since there’s a legitimate way of exchanging cash for ISK (through the GTC/PLEX system), that has beneficial effects towards the game as a whole, people really have no excuse for “dealing with the devil.” Where “power-leveling” makes no sense, as skills are learned only through the passage of real-world clock time (even while not logged in).

  5. There’s a market for convenience. Always has been.

    I’ve never dealt with gold farmers or similar, and I’ve done my time grinding in LotRO even when you suggested I didn’t need to so much.

    In Halo: Combat Evolved, I don’t use cheat codes or similar (I don’t even know if they exist), but I do study closely the level descriptions at Halopedia. Should I? After all, I’m depriving myself of some of the “fun” surprises that the game devs put in for me.

    Am I wrong to search for spoilers? Should I just take the game at face value?

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