Play it now – A King of Shreds and Patches

Play It Now! It’s the early 1600’s, the plague is in town (again), business could be better, and Shakespeare’s gearing up for a new play at the Globe. You’ve got a dinner invitation from an old acquaintance, whose lively and ribald tales stand to brighten things up .

Well, you’d think. In fact, you’ll be lucky to make it through the week with your sanity.

A King of Shreds and Patches is a delicious and well-written piece of interactive fiction, set in Elizabethan London.

I did not find most of the puzzles too arduous, and the … well, the taint of the Cthulhu mythos is fitting and appropriate, and he who is not to be named is close at hand in this well-crafted work.

This is text-based interactive-fiction, from Inform 7, in gblorb format, so you’ll want an interpreter like filfre, spatterlight, GIT, gargoyle or glulxe. That also means that you can run the game on almost everything these days, and that the download of both the story and the interpreter will take you very little time and very little of your storage space.

Highly recommended for lovers of interactive-fiction, puzzles, good-writing, the Cthulhu mythos, historical fiction and horror.

Get it here, and play it now.