Dear Steam/Valve Software

Dear Steam team and folks at Valve Software generally,

Firstly, thanks for all the nifty sales over the holiday season. That was really quite nifty, even though there were obviously some problems arising from the large number of units sold.

There’s one special present that you could give us all, however, even though it seems like a very, very, very minor thing.

Let us see how much data we have to download for an update or for a game download.

It’s great that you let us know how much disk-space we’ll need, and we can check how much we’re using. That’s pretty awesome. There’s often a disparity between the amount on the disk and the amount we download, however.

For all those of us with Internet usage caps (and that’s actually most of the world outside North America – but maybe you folks out there soon too, huh?) it’d be great to be able to plan ahead. To know that game X is 15GB on-disk, but actually only needs 9GB to be downloaded. How about letting us know how much has to be downloaded, because we know that you know 🙂

Of course another nice feature would be an advisory where it says “Update to Game X is [however much to download] Yes/No”, but hey. Not greedy here. It would be nice, but not nearly as fantastic as being able to plan Internet bandwidth usage for game downloads.

Please consider this additional thing which makes everything seven and a half times more awesome. Thanks 🙂