The end of Acclaim?

Acclaim Enertainment was a notable video-game publisher from 1987 to 2004. After a history of lawsuits, talk of shady dealings and piracy, and criticism for tasteless and offensive advertising campaigns, Acclaim Entertainment finally was faced with falling sales, and mounting debts.

Acclaim Entertainment produced almost 90 video games, and they weren’t universally turkeys – though if you’re only familiar with their final years, you might certainly get the impression that they were all duds.

In 2004, with US$100 million in debts, Acclaim Entertainment went bankrupt. The following year, Howard Marks (formerly an exec at Activision) picked up the brand and formed Acclaim Games, offering free-to-play MMOGs.

Acclaim Games was acquired in May of this year, by Playdom. It’s hard to say what’s going on right now, but it looks like Acclaim Games has now ceased to exist, and with it, maybe also the brand at last.

Acclaim Games shutdown notice

3 thoughts on “The end of Acclaim?”

  1. Well, you may have heard of some of their PR stunts:

    * Offering to pay bereaved relatives to display an advertisement for Shadowman 2 on the newly-deceased’s headstone.
    * Offering to pay the fines of UK drivers caught speeding, to celebrate the release of Burnout 2.

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