Play it now — Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale

Once upon a time there was a girl and a fairy.

The girl, Recette Lemongrass, lived on her own because her father had gone adventuring and not returned.

The fairy, Tear, worked for the Terme Finance company, and Recette’s father’s debts were about to come due.

Reasoning that getting the money back was better than taking Recette’s house and auctioning it at a loss, Tear helped Recette set up a small item shop on the main street of the town. Just the sort of thing to cater to locals, and the hordes of hopeful adventurers and treasure-seekers needing supplies.

Working off your debt retailing doesn’t sound very exciting, but Recette and Tear’s adventure is only just beginning.

Recettear is an independent game from Japanese developer EasyGameStation, skillfully translated into English. Played with the keyboard or a game-controller, the game is slick and polished, bright and colourful, very cute and quite funny.

You can save almost anytime (which is nice), except in dungeons.

Recettear's pause menu

Wait… dungeons?

Well, yes. One of the more effective ways of obtaining retail stock is to hire one of those adventurers I mentioned, and tag along with them. You can loan them equipment from your store, and return with the goodies, all substantially below stock guild costs. In story terms, they do the fighting, and you manage the loot. (Though in practical terms, as the person handling the game controls, you control the adventurer and the fighting too)

The outdoor 'dungeon' called 'The Jade Way'

Adventuring boils down to a simple, lightweight and not-too-demanding little action game, though it takes some practice nevertheless.

Louie, an adventurer, comes looking for something to buy. Probably food, knowing him.

Whether you’re purchasing stock or raiding dungeons for it, your goal is to make a profit and meet the repayments, grow your business, establish your reputation and expand. And the retail portion of the game isn’t as dull as it might sound.

Some questions demand an answer!

It’s fun, it’s slick, it’s really cute, and it probably won’t place many demands on your PC (even a fairly low-end PC)! There’s a 100MB or so demo on Steam, where you can also get the full game for about 478MB and about $20USD [Also from Impulse for just a little more]. Definitely try the demo before you buy. If nothing else, the odds are you’ll have a good time with it!

Capitalism, ho!

Capitalism, ho!

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  1. Omg, this is such an insanely different take on the traditional swords and sorcery thing, it must be supported! – I think I’ll spend a little on getting this >:D

    P.S. Any game that has a giant rat with a red-hot crowbar for a boss is Okay in my books too. >:D

  2. *grin* I mailed this post to my son. who has come back to me saying: pleeeeze may I buy this game? it will help me with economics so it’s EDUCATIONAL! *grins more* I’m telling you and him both – I expect an A in econ this term. 🙂

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