Okay, so my reaction to the announcement of Bioshock Infinite was almost extraordinarily lukewarm.

Basically, playing the original Bioshock constantly left me wishing that I could get System Shock 2 working on my PC. It certainly left me a significant hankering for SS2, even though I enjoyed Bioshock… mostly.

Bioshock 2? I didn’t even try. Everything I read about it suggested that it simply wasn’t for me.

The notion of Bioshock Infinite, therefore, I greeted with considerable indifference.

Why didn’t they take a new direction, I wondered briefly, and just mentally set the title to ignore.

Then my daughter waved this at me.

Wow. Okay. New direction? I’m seeing that. Let me just find my socks, which were unaccountably knocked off.

That’s ten minutes of gameplay, and what sounds like Stephen Russell (the voice of Garrett from the superb Thief series).

Mind you, it all looks very fast-paced, so I might ultimately have to pass on the game anyway. That sort of pace is fine to watch, but I prefer my gaming experiences a lot slower than that.

6 thoughts on “Wow”

  1. This is definitely pre-scripted, not someone actually playing the game. It might be some sort of introductory action sequence, or just a demo the developers cooked up to show off the game. The actual gameplay will undoubtedly be at a slower pace.

  2. It does feel like it was scripted live playing, mixed with triggering pre-programed ingame scenes (like the system takes over control of your character for some plot detail to be made clear and then you’re back at the controls seamlessly); obviously who was playing knew very well what to do to keep the story going while showing off gameplay details in between triggers.

    I myself, just watching the video, barely managed to keep up with what was going on and what was a good and what was bad, perhaps having a more interactive, well, interaction with the events might make things easier to follow, though it felt like i would die lots of times till i figure out even where to look for where danger is coming from and how to not run into literal dead ends while trying to escape

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