Play it now – Hoist Sail for the Heliopause and Home

Play it now!Something a little unusual this time around. One that you can play right away.

From the very skilled – and I might even be inclined to suggest ‘artistic’ and ‘spectacular’ – Andrew Plotkin comes a sterling piece of short interactive fiction. It’s compact and lovely, and not too difficult.

With the aid of Atul Varma’s Parchment engine, you can just sit down and work through this piece in about a half an hour, through most modern Web-browsers.

No spoilers for you, but if this doesn’t get you thinking of Sinbad before it is done, you need to get out and do a bit more reading.

Being that this is the 21st century, you should have at least some idea about the operation and limitations of interactive fiction. If you’re onesuch who has by some paradoxical experiential route not supped of this knowledge, then here’s a quick reference.

Unashamedly recommended.

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