The Minecraft perspective

For the last little while, I’ve been meaning to write something about Minecraft. About how the limitations breed creativity and how simple, approachable, and rock-solid systems (even though it is a rolling alpha) provide a supportive foundation for complex creation.

Hammertime? No! Pickaxe, yo! But Jacek Antonelli’s just said all of that, and probably better than I could have. Go and check that out and have a think about how simple, limited, comprehensible systems can support, foster and encourage complex systems and acts of creation, and all of the things that surround them.

3 thoughts on “The Minecraft perspective”

  1. Part of the wonderfulness of legos back in the day was that there were a limited variety of shapes and yet people could still come up with some amazing constructions from them. They really exercised the imagination and creativity.

  2. heheh Minecraft is evil 🙂 me n’ my housemate are both addicted, we renamed it minecrack. I am seriously into building functional things such as automated minecart systems and monster traps, he prefers the form building massive pyramids and he is currently working on a world containing an Authank (apologies for spelling) like construction from Lord of the Rings.
    I really can’t wait until the server software catches up to where the single player is and then we can run a house server 🙂

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