Arx Fatalis gets update and source release

Arx Fatalis is actually really rather a cool game. Think Ultima Underworld, fully jazzed up and with a nifty story full of surprising twists. I might produce a review of it at some later stage.

Arx isn’t a new game by any stretch of the imagination, being more than eight years old, and it had persistent performance issues except in the lower resolutions and on some specific hardware. Nevertheless, a patch (1.21) suddenly appeared which fixes all of that – although it actually maybe feels a little fast now.

Apparently it is the final patch for Arx Fatalis, but it is accompanied by the source-code under the GPL 3 (with a couple minor exceptions).

Arx Fatalis

In order to do anything with the source-code, you’ll really need the data that comes with the game, and that means owning it. That’s US$5.99 from

The 1.21 patch, and the source-code and licenses can be gotten from this page on the Arkane Studios site.

[thanks Bethesda Blog]

Carlo and his men in the city guard room

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  1. I’m wondering why they didn’t post the code on a public repository, as opposed to the zip dump.

    I don’t suppose you have any stats on which way developers lean when they open-source their old titles (source dump vs. public repository) ?

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