Little Text People at GDC

If you’ve got a pass for GDC (all-access or a summits/tutorials pass), you can catch the 60 minute talk at 11am on 5 March in room 2006 at the West Hall as a part of GDC’s AI Summit.

“One of the frontiers of game AI is building agents that socially engage the player and each other in deep and dynamic ways. Traditional behavior-selection rules do not apply, while hand-scripted solutions do not scale and are often prohibitively brittle. Social and conversational beings require a deeper modeling of interests, drives, emotions, and an awareness of social norms. This lecture will show you architectures from three production games, Storybricks, Prom Week, and a game yet to be announced, that introduce new ways of constructing characters to allow deeper, flexible and more meaningful social engagement with the player.”

In this lecture, held variously by Emily Short, Richard Evans, Stephane Bura, Michael Treanor and Josh McCoy, there will likely be some glimpses behind the curtain about the architecture for the new (as yet unannounced, but probably mobile) Linden Lab product that LittleTextPeople is bringing to the table.

<squee>I can tell you now that Ms Short’s presentations are never a chore, but have thus far been an unalloyed delight. Writing or speaking, your attention is well-rewarded.</squee>

7 thoughts on “Little Text People at GDC”

  1. Nice detective work 🙂 Yes if anyone can I highly recommend going to see that talk. Some of my favurite people in it 🙂

    We will aim to get some info out about this product around the same time so folks who cant attend and are interested will see something.

  2. Well, I routinely stalk keep up with Emily’s writings and activities. Have done for some time.

    It would indeed be nice to see some additional information at the same time. GDC is rather remotely located for some of us 🙂

  3. @Fogwoman It is not my normal sort of thing to be fannish of anything or anyone, exactly. Although I do rather have a soft spot for a certain 7th circuit appeals judge, legal theorist and economist.

  4. @Rodvik, I look forward to seeing more detail on the LL plans. I urge you to deploy the largest cluebat in your armoury on those responsible for announcing stuff.

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