New Dwarf Fortress release – Hauling update

The much-anticipated “Hauling” release of Dwarf Fortress has made it out for public consumption.

This release (0.34.08) has extensive changes hauling mechanics, stockpiles and adds minecarts (and tracks) and wheelbarrows. It takes a little bit to get your head around the new hauling menu, and how minecarts function and interact with stops and stockpiles. You’ll probably want to start an experimental fortress or two just to get to grips with them.

When you’ve got the basics down, though, it works very well indeed.

Minecarts can be used to haul bulk items from one place to another, using a rich selection of departure conditions based on loads or time.

Here’s the changelog for this release:

New stuff

  • Minecarts can be used to haul things around on carved/constructed tracks/bridges (‘h’auling to set up routes)
  • Dwarves can be set to guide, push off, or ride carts that are ready to move to the next stop
  • Track stops used to slow/stop cart and/or dump the contents on vehicle entry, can be disengaged with lever/plate
  • Pressure plates can be triggered by carts
  • Rollers can be used to push cart along when powered
  • Minecarts limited to one per tile in general, various collisions can occur
  • Wheelbarrows can be linked to stockpiles in order to move heavy objects (it’ll auto-request one for stone stockpiles)
  • Falling objects can collide with critters
  • Camera can be attached to unit or item, can be linked to hotkeys from the unit/item screens

Other bug fixes/tweaks

  • Stockpiles can be linked to workshops, can be set to give to multiple piles, can be set to accept items from links only
  • Hauling jobs will often be combined, using one container
  • Heavy items harder to haul
  • Densities/colors updated, based on Uristocrat’s data collection thread
  • Can filter creature names in arena
  • Mine drop rates tweaked, no longer skill-based
  • Puzzleboxes/drum makeable
  • Stopped blinking on bridges
  • Projectiles using new code (most non-shot/thrown projectiles) can skip/skid on liquid/ground
  • All flying units use new minecart parabolic flight paths
  • Many projectiles do not resolve in adventure mode before your turn (so you can dodge a flying cart by moving away)
  • Can create/assign to squads from v-p
  • Squads can be given nicknames from v-p or the military screen
  • Fixed broken clay stockpile option

Dwarf Fortress remains free and runs on Windows, Linux and Intel-based Macs. If you enjoy it, you should strongly consider donating to support the efforts of Toady and Zach in keeping the project going. Dwarf Fortress remains one of the most interestingly complex dwarf mining simulations of this, or any, century.

You can download the latest release of Dwarf Fortress from the usual place.