The shape-changing of things to come

There’s a new video, showing gameplay footage of Wild Games Studio’s upcoming fantasy action game, Dungeon Gate.

In it, our hero Dysan, will explore a large world while shape-shifting into just about everything he can think of and smouldering with generic vengeance, and beating the heck out of things.

Granted, I might be a little cool on what looks like action, action, and yet more action, but the shape-shifting mechanic looks rather interesting at first blush. What doesn’t seem to be clear is whether there’s much more depth than action-based beat-‘em-ups and the shape-changing. Perhaps we’ll  find out a little more about that as Wild Games Studios heads towards its 14 September release-date.

I hope someone is proofreading the game just a little more carefully than Wild Games Studio proofread the actual video, though. Your promo video most definitely isn’t where you want obvious typographical errors to creep in.

And yes, if you think the opening to the story sounds a whole lot like Fable, well, you’re not alone in that.

2 thoughts on “The shape-changing of things to come”

  1. I’m particularly tickled by how they spelled “ennemies” in the trailer at around 1:24. 😉

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