DayZ updates (week 12, 2012)

DayZ development keeps powering along with significant updates and fixes since the 1.5.8/ updates last week, and more promised for an upcoming release.

One of the things I particularly like is the addition of female survivors, although, now that I come to think about it, I’m not sure if I’ve seen any female zombies at all.

We have the Dayz 1.60 update:

UPDATE : 27 MAY 2012
Affected addons:
* dayz_code 1.6
* dayz_equip 1.2.5
* dayz_weapons 1.1.2
* dayz 1.2.6
* dayz_sfx 1.1.2
Developer’s Note:
* To collect firewood, you can either find it in loot piles, or go into a forest and use the hatchet (gear > Right Click). I will expand this mechanic but its enough for now.
* You get a ONE TIME OFFER to change your player gender!
* Only two types of new skins are available in this update, “Camo” and “Ghillie Suit” in addition to normal survivor
* Skins a player is wearing are NOT lootable.
* When you change skin (right click on clothing package in inventory) your old skin will appear in inventory
* If you want a players skin, you will need to make them take it off first
* [FIXED] Bodies being deleted immediately (now will stay around for 15 minutes)
* [FIXED] Player profiles sometimes corrupting and causing stuck in loading issues (error handling by engine)
* [FIXED] Temperature listed in percent and not degrees (now displayed in degrees)
* [FIXED] Loosing temperature inside vehicles (now will slowly gain or be static in vehicles)
* [FIXED] ItemPainkillers popup error (no longer happens: thanks Norbert!)
* [FIXED] Spawning in Ocean when switching models (player morphing optimized by TeeTime)
* [FIXED] Loosing gear when switching models (player morphing optimized by TeeTime)
* [FIXED] Wrong M107 is spawning on occasion (Correct one spawns)
* [FIXED] Crashed heli uber-loot not spawning (does now thanks to GhostBear!)
* [FIXED] Wire Fencing Kit caused graphical glitches (new model)
* [FIXED] Tank Trap Kit caused graphical glitches (new model)
* [FIXED] Invisible character models occuring (No longer invisible models)
* [FIXED] Panic not being activated (Your character will sometimes panic)
* [FIXED] Blood washout sometimes not being displayed (now will always wash out color depending on blood level)
* [NEW] Hatchet for chopping wood in forests
* [NEW] Wire Fencing kit model by Artyom Troshin
* [NEW] Tank Trap kit model by Artyom Troshin
* [NEW] Construction options moved to items in gear menu (right click wire fencing kit to use etc…)
* [NEW] Hospital Loot Spawn probabilities changed
* [NEW] Players can choose to be a female survivor (once only per CD-Key)
* [NEW] Heat packs for increasing temperature in an emergency
* [NEW] Bandit Skin transition for low humanity is removed
* [NEW] Players will receive an error message if the server they are on is running an incorrect HIVE version


That’s right, you get a one-time option to have a female survivor character. If you take this option, it is permanently associated with your Arma 2 CD Key, and you cannot change back.

The next update will be skipping the 1.6.1 revision number, and jumping straight to 1.7.0. This is for two reasons, the first is not to be confused with the 1.61 update to the Arma 2 engine, and the second is that it represents a major architectural update, aiming for a significant reduction in player-loading times (which you may have noticed can take an awfully long time).

Initial, small-scale testing of the 1.7.0 code reduces player loading times to… well, “to being almost instant” along with improved reliability of character-saving. It will be interesting to see if that carries on across large-scale testing.

You can join in the beta-testing of that code on the SE3-SE6 servers.

Lastly, killing players in the debug forest is a no-no. Temporary bans will be handed out to offenders, with more permanent bans from DayZ for repeat-offenders. The DayZ team consider it to be cheating, and it should be reported as such. So is disconnecting to avoid death, and the DayZ team promise to eliminate the ability to do that very soon.