StarForge early alpha demo 0.1 [updated]

An image from the Starforge demo, showing a small valley filled with trees and surrounded by high rocks. One tree has been cut down.

Starforge is – so far as we know at this time – an entirely procedurally-generated first/third-person sci-fi survival/construction game. Yes, alright, I’m going to say “Minecraft in space”, though that’s a very loose sort of description.

This release (whose announcement was enough to take down the Web-servers for the game) shows off a little of this indie title in its earliest playable form.

Accordingly, in order to get the 300MB zip file, you’ll need to grab it via BitTorrent for the moment.

Bear in mind that this is the first playable release, and not everything in the announcement video below is a part of this release, nor are all the things that are a part of the release necessarily going to work right or work smoothly.

The game may also freeze for a couple minutes when you first load it (before you see the initial screens) while it procedurally generates most of the textures that you’re going to see.

If/when the official site comes back up, you can find that at

UPDATE: Thanks to Sarge Misfit who let me know that – if torrents aren’t your thing – Game Front has a mirror of the download.