Dwarf Fortress 0.38.11 released

Dwarfs haul stone between underground storage areas and an industrial/workshop area.

The Toady One has released a fresh update for Dwarf Fortress (now up to 0.38.11), which contains a whole bunch of nifty bugfixes and tweaks.

Here’s the combined changelogs between this and the previous release.

  • wall/floodgate/etc. builders often make more reasonable decisions about where to stand to avoid walling themselves in
  • crash fix involving haul job losing its container
  • crash fix for naming routes when there are no route
  • crash fix for squad naming
  • stopped haulers from sometimes moving around in circles or between two tiles repeatedly
  • stopped deconstructors from dropping items on their heads at times
  • allowed riders/guiders of carts to attempt to go to destinations that aren’t connected (but not to violate burrow settings)
  • fixed inconsistency with random seed lengths
  • relevant designation jobs use the nearest square instead of starting at top left
  • dwarves often more reasonable decisions extended to removing bridges/constructions/channeling
  • added confirmation for burrow deletion
  • auto-assigned children to mother’s pasture/pond
  • removed ramps near waterfalls
  • creatures not safe from fire will run out of lethally hot squares
  • stopped empty bags from popping out of carts
    I didn’t want to delve too deeply into fluid rewrites, so I just removed the ramps near the waterfalls to stop the worst of the silly jumpin’ dwarves. The “nearest square” with respect to the designation change doesn’t respect paths (which is expensive), but it will stop the worst of those times where dwarves take a long meandering route to mine from the left when mining from the right is faster, etc.
  • cleared kill orders after completion
  • made armor stop lack of clothing thoughts
  • added ability to set up generic armor options in uniforms (like the ones the defaults have)
  • stopped dwarves from looping between civ/squad equipment if they can’t follow their orders
  • stopped aspects of the game from advancing when designations were placed
  • stopped adventurer from turning into an underground creature when in the ocean/etc.
  • handled child clothing thoughts, hopefully for real this time
  • made soldiers eat from backpacks/drink from waterskins earlier
  • made dwarves pickup items in a more responsible order for armor layering
  • added indication for assigned items in specific item list for military equipment
  • stopped dying enemies from forbidding inventory items associated to fort equipment (like stuck-in weapon)
  • cleaned up a few ways dwarves could come to be holding extra equipment
  • made command line world gen exit without forcing a key press

Dwarf Fortress remains free and runs on Windows, Linux and Intel-based Macs. If you enjoy it, you should strongly consider donating to support the efforts of Toady and Zach in keeping the project going.

Dwarf Fortress remains one of the most interestingly complex dwarf mining simulations of this, or any, century.

You can download the latest release of Dwarf Fortress from the usual place.