DayZ 1.7.1 rolling-update. Extra cruelty release [updated]

Hordes of zombies shamble over the crest of a hill towards a small farmhouse

The new DayZ code is rolling out to servers now. There’s some great stuff in this release, like (for examples) zombies no longer able to see and attack you through walls and floors/ceilings. You can actually hide from them now.

However, new characters will spawn with just a bandage, painkillers and a flashlight. No ammo, no weapon, no food, no water. Also, the zombies can see better than they used to, and they see based on where they are looking, rather than what direction their bodies are facing in.

Additionally, as some of you have already noticed today, vehicles are being reset with server restarts. Full list of changes and fixes are below.

DayZ 1.7.1 changelog

Affected addons:
* dayz_code 1.7.1
* dayz_sfx 1.2
* dayz 1.3
* dayz_equip 1.3
* dayz_weapons 1.2
* dayz_anim 0.2
Developer’s Note:
* Requires ArmA2 Beta.
* Raytracing doesn’t work so well inside some buildings at the moment so interiors will ignore raytracing
* Infected sprinting animation not included yet
* On respawn, your flashlight spawns in your BACKPACK. I did this because nothing would have said NOOB more than all the new players running around in the day with torches with no idea what the fuck to do.
* [FIXED] Wire Spools, Toolboxes, hedgehog (tank trap) kits not spawning
* [FIXED] Bodies still being deleted too quickly sometimes
* [FIXED] No backpacks or medical boxes spawning
* [FIXED] “No Speaker…” debug report spam
* [FIXED] Infected spawning too close to players (minimum 30m now)
* [FIXED] Infected not spawning inside buildings any more
* [FIXED] General Server Script Errors (big thanks to Dwarden for fixing these!)
* [FIXED] Loot/Infected spawning time delay desync’ing with server
* [NEW] Infected can’t attack through walls
* [NEW] Infected can’t see through objects any more
* [NEW] Infected visibility increased (but limited by LOS)
* [NEW] Infected attack range increased (but limited by LOS)
* [NEW] Infected can cause greater damage when they hit you
* [NEW] You can hide from an infected chasing you
* [NEW] Optimized server cleanup routine
* [NEW] Player body exists for five seconds after disconnect (UNCONFIRMED IF WORKING)
* [NEW] Infected see based on eye direction, not on body direction as before
* [NEW] 30Rnd_545x39_AK added to loot table
* [NEW] More infected attack animations
* [NEW] More infected feeding animations
* [NEW] Replaced monkey infected crawing run animation
* [NEW] Heartbeat when cursor on a player with very low humanity (heart beats faster the lower it is)
* [NEW] Humanity GUI indicator removed
* [NEW] New Infected and Action sound effects (more AWESOME stuff by Michael Manning)
* [NEW] Initial version of double-barreled shotgun added (by Artyom)
* [FIXED] CZ550 spawning far too often in farms
* [FIXED] Winchester decreased spawnrate (% given to double barrel shotty)
* [NEW] Recombine shotgun rounds between 2 and 8 rounds
* [NEW] Recombine 45ACP rounds between M1911 and Revolver rounds
* [FIXED] Tent placement is completely screwed (now can place anywhere except in building)
* [FIXED] Items for Eating and Drinking not removed instantly (allowed some duping)
* [NEW] DayZ: Now with additional cruelty! Spawn with only a bandage, painkillers, and a torch.

Changelog for DayZ Vehicle updates

Changelog 2012-06-16:
All vehicles locations will be reset after server restarts. This is required to implement respawning.
* [FIXED] All land and water vehicles will now spawn in a repairable state .
* [NEW] Vehicles can now be tracked on database level, they will respawn or be reset at secret intervals once they have been destroyed.
* [NEW] Vehicles left unused too long (hidden, placed in unreachable locations, bugged) will be reset after a minimum of 7 days – this exact time of respawn is also secret.
* [NEW] Vehicles are spawned on all new servers.
Future implementation:
Vehicle models will be mixed up (randomized) a little depending on which type of vehicle that can spawn at a certain area. This means some vehicle models might become rarer.
Known issues:
Helicopters are still very dangerous to fly due to desync issues. These type of vehicles will only be available on some very old servers until this issue is fixed. Your safety as a pilot or passenger is NOT guaranteed. (hopefully fixed with release of 1.7.1, need more testing)
Note to server admins:
Serverside recommendation: Please update your arma2 server version to latest beta in preparation for 1.7.1 release.
Also make sure your battleeye files are up to date or players will have troubles playing on your server if their client version is later than 93825.

DayZ is the brutal Zombie survival mod for Bohemia Interactive Studio’s Arma 2: Combined Operations. Find out more about how to get and install DayZ or more about surviving in DayZ.


  • Reloading a crossbow in 1.7.1 makes you more visible. Doing so while prone even more so. Every zombie in line-of-sight will probably see you. Beware!
  • Zombies stuck inside sheds and structures that have no exits are very angry about it. They seem to be able to see and attack through the walls, since the walls on those structures are one-sided.


After some initially promising impressions, it turned out that the code needed more than a few emergency hotfixes and a couple of reversions. Here we go. This is rolling out right now:

DayZ HOTFIX : 17 JUNE 2012

Affected addons:
* dayz_code
* dayz_server (only for server admins)

Developer’s Note:
* Performance issues were associated with loot cleanup not working. This has been fixed.
* Each time you start a new character, you will get the gender selection dialog.

* [FIXED] Server item cleanup error (thanks Dwarden for identifying)
* [FIXED] Server weighted random object error (thanks Dwarden for identifying)
* [REVERT] 5 second delay for disconnecting (will need to wait till new method developed)
* [REVERT] Disabling of interior raycasting (will mean some buildings you will be invisible/can’t be hit in for the moment as they don’t have view LODs)
* [REVERT] Infected sight based on head not body direction (infected glace around alot, this meant that they had super view directions. Now locked at body direction)
* [FIXED] Area not checked for existing infected before spawning new ones (“blind faith” that it had not made a mistake didn’t work)
* [FIXED] Crippling performance issues caused by loot items never being cleaned up (loot now cleaned up)
* [FIXED] Tent pitching (Who the hell codes tent location checks TWICE before pitching? Oh apparently I do)
* [NEW] Marakov spawn rate increased
* [NEW] Small chance Mararov ammo will spawn on an infected
* [FIXED] Converting magazines didn’t work if you had MORE than one of that magazine type (now works as intended)
* [NEW] Tweaked audibility and visibility values for kneel walking
* [REVERT] Secret nerf of prone (you noticed)
* [NEW] Can select gender for each new character
* [FIXED] Toolboxes aren’t spawning (classname error in loot table)
* [NEW] Small tweaks to AI zombie routines to improve performance
* [REVERT] New spawn timer mechanism (back to the old one for now)