DayZ hotfix rolling update [updated]

Hordes of DayZ's zombies shamble over the crest of a hill towards a small farmhouse

Just in case you thought DayZ development was slow (due to the lack of updates during E3 and being that it is done for free), there’s another hotfix out today. For the impatient, just wanting to know what the key changes in DayZ, the summary is: Food and other generic loot is spawning again, animals are active and more numerous, night-time rendering has been altered, and there are some experimental melee weapons.

The hatchet and crowbar are experimental, and quite possibly underpowered as melee weapons. Rocket is planning to evaluate them to see whether to continue with them, or drop melee weapons again for the time being.

Want more detail?

Here’s the DayZ changelog:

HOTFIX : 19 JUNE 2012
Affected addons:
* dayz_code
* dayz_weapons 1.3
* dayz_equip 1.3.1
* dayz_server (server admins only)
Developer’s Note:
* YES: I know this hotfix has content in it. It was content that didn’t make it into the last update, and some of the fixes are bundled with this content, so it was easier to release the content than try to remove it.
* Requires ArmA2 Beta.
* ALSO NOTE: Melee is just in testing. They may not stay, they are just being tested to see how they perform. They are missing their sound effects, and tweaking of effects also.
* [NEW] Tone Mapping to enhance nightlighting conditions
* [FIXED] Generic Loot not spawning (such as food etc…)
* [FIXED] Animals stand still and HURR DURRR (they now walk around)
* [FIXED] New blood values not being saved when a player eats (they do now)
* [FIXED] Duplicate players not being removed (should now be removed on login)
* [NEW] Melee Weapon introduced: Hatchet (can only drop through right click in gear menu)
* [NEW] Maximum animals increased
* [NEW] Melee Weapon introduced: Crowbar (can only drop through right click in gear menu)
* [NEW] Double Barrelled shotgun sound
* [FIXED] Gender assignment broken (working correctly)

DayZ is the brutal Zombie survival mod for Bohemia Interactive Studio’s Arma 2: Combined Operations that’s making the title a top-seller. Looking for more short, brutal apocalypse in Chernarus? What about a DayZ survivor’s guide or a DayZ review and install tips?

UPDATE AND WARNING: Looks like hatchets and crowbars are presently fatally-bugged and crashing servers. Watch for yet another hotfix tomorrow.


As predicted, fixes are rolling out, but due to a file bungle this hotfix is, rather than

Build Notes
HOTFIX : 19 JUNE 2012

Affected addons:
* dayz_code
* dayz_equip 1.3.2

* [FIXED] Performance issue with equipment proxies (improves FPS)

HOTFIX : 19 JUNE 2012

Affected addons:
* dayz_code
* dayz_weapons 1.3.1
* dayz_server (server admins only)

Developer’s Note:
* Requires ArmA2 Beta.
* Big thanks to JoeKurtz for his excellent bug reports

* [FIXED] Melee items causing magazine glitching and eventual server death (fixed)
* [FIXED] Unconscious UI Image displays incorrectly
* [FIXED] Bleeding never stops unless bandaged (chance of spontanious bleeding stopping now works)
* [FIXED] Interior infected spawning inside of building walls etc… (interior infected now spawn inside correctly)
* [FIXED] Speed not correctly utilized for checking stealth levels ( )
* [FIXED] Posture error can occur on stealth check ( )
* [FIXED] Config error messages on popup (Caused by legacy classnames, error handling implemented to prevent this)
* [FIXED] Unable to repair helicopter fuel leak (repair all parts to 95% or above and fuel leak will stop)
* [FIXED] Massive lag and desync on some servers (mostly caused by the invisible replicating magazines)
* [REVERT] Nerf of sickness damage (now will reduce your blood to 6000 rather than 10000)
* [FIXED] Losing blood from starvation/dehydration cannot receive transfusion ( )
* [FIXED] Hunger and Thirst no longer continue to drop while you are offline (only ingame time counts)
* [NEW] Once infected lose line-of-sight they will try investigate where you are
* [FIXED] Flies still heard around removed/hidden bodies ( )
* [NEW] Significant loot rebalancing
* [FIXED] “Fus ro dah” melee (now should be the correct release files)