Linden Lab announces two new products

A city skyline, bearing the words 'Linden Lab, Maker of Shared Creative Spaces'

Linden Lab today announced two new products, along with a complete revamp of its Web-site. First up, the press-release.

Today, we get to share a bit about CreatorverseTM and PatternsTM –  the first two of four new products we’ll be releasing this year.
We are now the makers of not only Second Life®, but also other shared creative spaces, marking Linden Lab’s transition to a multi-product company.  Here’s a first look at the first two of the new creative spaces coming soon from Linden Lab:

Creatorverse – Set your creations in motion

Creatorverse is Linden Lab’s first tablet app! As you tinker, play, and explore on your iPad, you become an inventor, designing unique creations and then setting them in motion. Your creations come to life as you play with different joints, forces, motors, teleporters, and more. From the simplest bouncing ball to an elaborate pinball machine, the possibilities are endless in Creatorverse. Check it out in this video from our CEO, Rod Humble:

Creatorverse has just been submitted to the Apple App Store and should be available in a few weeks. In the meantime, you can check out a few screenshots from here.

Patterns – It’s your universe to shape

Patterns is a new 3D creative environment to explore and shape, where you can build large-scale structures that reach the sky, bridges that traverse chasms, and more, all while the pull of gravity challenges your construction techniques.

Soon, we’ll share more details with a video trailer, and adventurous early adopters will be able to get the ‘genesis release’ (our first public build), help shape the development of Patterns by providing feedback and suggestions, and get their names added to the credits as founders.

Get on the beta list!

Creatorverse and Patterns are just the first two of four new products Linden Lab will introduce this year. If you’d like to be alerted by email as each our new products become available, you can sign up here. Keep an eye on for more soon!

Now, with the press-release out of the way, a few notes. Creatorverse seems, by the general presentation, to be largely targeted at ages 13 and under. As an iPad app, it is likely one of the two rumoured mobile apps that have been in development at Linden Lab for the last little while. As for Patterns, well, it isn’t clear what platform(s) that product is going to support.

The remaining two of the four non-Second Life products are due to be revealed before the end of the year, at least one of which is probably going to be Dio (or whatever its final name is) which we got an unexpected look at earlier this year.

I’ll note that while neither product appears to have a trademark registration on record at this time, the registrations have – according to Linden Lab – been duly submitted.

3 thoughts on “Linden Lab announces two new products”

  1. Hm, could they be closing the jira to hide ideas they are gonna be using on the new products to try to claim they come up with it themselves to try to avoid patent issues?

  2. I am pessimistic about this.

    New products means competition for Linden Labs resources. They seem to have got to this stage without any disasters for Second Life, and some of the ancient SL Bugs effectively seemed to be ignored long before this business started. But, looking at some of things which have happened since Mesh came out, it’s tempting to explain the apparent sluggishness of the introduction of new features on that resource competition.

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