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Nothing a games-publisher does says “We have no respect whatsoever for our customers” than booth-babes – except perhaps the EA Sports division.

I know, some of you EA marketing folks are among the regular readers here, and I’m not tarring you all with the same brush, but you might want to hide under your desks for a few minutes, because I’m going to speak very plainly.

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An awkward moment least, not yet! Actually, this is a bit embarrassing. You see there was this place called White Lightning Productions (a comics publisher) – well, more specifically their WLP shirts division. I was going to write a piece about them for some very clever, witty and some genuinely laugh-out-loud geek and gamer tee-shirts.

Only now they’re advertising on my sidebar, quite unexpectedly (at least at the time I’m writing this), which makes me feel a bit awkward about actually posting about them. But darn it all, I was planning on writing about them anyway!

doit-d20v So, I’m not sleeping with them (or with Captain Jack Harkness, darnit!), it’s just one of those coincidences.