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Lame searches: cheat codes to get your account unbanned

Something I rummage through periodically are the search results that people use to get to this site. A lot of people come here through the site appearing in amongst this or that search result. Some of them are obvious, some of them are weird.

A few are lurid, and then there’s one commonly recurring set that is particularly lame.

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Classic customer service

So, there’s this guy in World of Warcraft who’d had his account hacked and some characters swiped. Eventually (after a very very long time) Blizzard gets around to restoring the characters. Of course the characters’ original items and gear were long gone, but Blizaard tends to put a sort of randomish sort of loot on restored characters, so you’ve at least got something to go on with.

One of the items Blizzard apparently furnished was a shirt. Not just any shirt, though, a shirt that kills all the enemies within 30 feet, with 100 uses. Something that, it seems, players aren’t supposed to have. Blizzard use it for testing purposes.

Probably the item shouldn’t be in the live-game object database, but heck – Blizzard gave it to him, and he tried it out. Not a big surprise there.

Every member of his guild got a 24 hour suspension, and the player himself has been banned. For cheating. My co-workers over at WoW Insider have an interview with the poor bugger.

Now that’s classic customer service.