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Playing The Sims 3

The Sims 3 cover Actually, I’m not playing The Sims 3 myself – it isn’t really on my list just now – but apparently a whole bunch of you are, having downloaded the bootleg copy online, from wherever. That in itself isn’t so surprising, considering that apparently it’s being downloaded even more than Spore was if the stats are credible.

What’s interesting, is that every single one of you that’s mentioned to me that you’re playing the bootleg have already preordered the game and are just waiting for it to come in. Now that’s an interesting, if slightly unscientific statistic.

California wants Supreme Court to hear case on failed violent gaming bill

The state of California has now spent rather more than half a million US dollars on its violent video games. The bill would make the renting or sale to minors of video games unlawful, if ‘the state’ determines those games to be ‘violent’. Note that that violent rating seems to be entirely independent of the existing ESRB ratings system.

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Glorious, beautiful text

The art of roleplaying has been one of the several key drivers in virtual environments over the last 20 years. Indeed, there have been environments packed with features supporting roleplaying, scriptable objects, and user-generated content for a long time.

Mostly those environments were text, but that shouldn’t really be held against them. Many roleplayers coming from these environments find them technologically superior to Second Life in many respects, and the textual aspects of them cannot be ignored — with good reason.

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