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Peter Molyneux: Overrated or overhated?

doit-peter-molyneux Peter Molyneux (who is not from a small planet in the vicinity of Betelgeuse, but is in fact from Guildford, in Surrey) is a bit of a whipping boy for gamers, many of whom think of him as all hat and no cattle (as the Americans would say). Is that reputation really deserved?

One of the things that Molyneux is, is engaging. He’s a lovely, and engaging talker, calling to mind a blend of Phil Collins, Douglas Adams, and a hint of Stephen Fry. He’s clever and passionate about what he does, and what he wants to do, and what he wishes was possible, and he positively glows with it. Screw the stand-up comics. For an evening’s entertainment, you could do far worse than listen to Molyneux kicking ideas around.

And there’s the core of the problem.

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