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Infinite, persistent Malevolence … and Bacon

Malevolence: The Sword of Ahkranox is an upcoming CRPG game looking for crowdfunding. More than that, though, it’s an entirely procedurally-generated game-world (right down to procedurally-generated equipment meshes) that is both infinite and persistent, and has an unusual relationship with Kevin Bacon.

Find out from developer Alex Norton just what that is, and what some of the procedural mechanisms that make Malevolence temptingly special at #AltDevBlogADay.

Garage Renaissance

It’s not that long ago that games industry folks were acknowledging (or in some cases, lamenting) the end of the age of the ‘garage’ games developer. The one-person (or occasionally two- or three-person) team who could put a game together, and sell it.

Back when I was younger almost all games fell into that category. Garage developers either self-published, or sold their games to publishers. Developers and publishers and retailers made money (or they didn’t).

Then games got more expensive to develop and required more manpower. Ten people. Twenty. A hundred. Two hundred. Thousands of dollars to develop a game became tens of thousands, became what is now often millions of dollars, and the developers’ relationship with publishers changed.

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