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Activision-Blizzard talks circles around Battle.net account hacking

There’s been numerous reports of account hacking (and certainly there are a lot of bad hats out there phishing and poking at Battle.net accounts and servers since Diablo 3 swept onto the scene days ago.

Lylirra, a community manager for Activision-Blizzard posted an circuitous non-acknowledgement of the account thefts:

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Diablo 3 – voting with your wallet

How does a games publisher determine the success of a product or a business model? Mostly, profit. In the business world, it is the only reliable measure of whether you’re making sound business decisions or not.

Activision-Blizzard wound up with more than 50 million reasons for thinking that the online-single-player game model is a good one – and that was before they even launched it.

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