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Review: Bioshock Infinite

An image of a few of the pieces of the flying city of Columbia, with a statue of Zachary Comstock in the middle

Bioshock Infinite is a story about choices and their consequences, relationships, manipulation, the trousers of time, and how people react to terrible things. It’s also about a finger that is far more significant than it seems.

Bioshock Infinite is equal parts drama, horror, and The Outer Limits, spiced with flashbacks, flashforwards and Disney-Princess moments and littered with foreshadowings for those of you keeping score at home. And then, there’s the other stuff.

All of this is punctuated with violence. Not just any violence, but visceral, gory, ridiculous violence – The Evil Dead (1981) sort of violence, punctuating the story like a series of hand-crafted parodic set-pieces. Jarring, overdone, outré, overly-gamey, and yet, for all my distaste for the intricately-crafted bloodbaths of this single-path shooter, it remains that it is arguably vital to the core of the story.

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Bioshock Infinite delayed to 2013 – won’t be shown until it’s done

Irrational Games has announced that they’re scrapping the 16 October release date for Bioshock Infinite, and instead is pushing back to 26 February, next year.

Why? “[W]e’ve come to realize that some specific tweaks and improvements will make Infinite into something even more extraordinary,” says Irrational’s Ken Levine. And it won’t be on display at any shows, or seen at all from here on until it is done.

Why? Well, that’s a good question – that might have a good answer.

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