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DayZ hotfix rolling update [updated]

Hordes of DayZ's zombies shamble over the crest of a hill towards a small farmhouse

Just in case you thought DayZ development was slow (due to the lack of updates during E3 and being that it is done for free), there’s another hotfix out today. For the impatient, just wanting to know what the key changes in DayZ, the summary is: Food and other generic loot is spawning again, animals are active and more numerous, night-time rendering has been altered, and there are some experimental melee weapons.

The hatchet and crowbar are experimental, and quite possibly underpowered as melee weapons. Rocket is planning to evaluate them to see whether to continue with them, or drop melee weapons again for the time being.

Want more detail?

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DayZ 1.7.1 rolling-update. Extra cruelty release [updated]

Hordes of zombies shamble over the crest of a hill towards a small farmhouse

The new DayZ code is rolling out to servers now. There’s some great stuff in this release, like (for examples) zombies no longer able to see and attack you through walls and floors/ceilings. You can actually hide from them now.

However, new characters will spawn with just a bandage, painkillers and a flashlight. No ammo, no weapon, no food, no water. Also, the zombies can see better than they used to, and they see based on where they are looking, rather than what direction their bodies are facing in.

Additionally, as some of you have already noticed today, vehicles are being reset with server restarts. Full list of changes and fixes are below.

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DayZ updates (week 12, 2012)

DayZ development keeps powering along with significant updates and fixes since the 1.5.8/ updates last week, and more promised for an upcoming release.

One of the things I particularly like is the addition of female survivors, although, now that I come to think about it, I’m not sure if I’ve seen any female zombies at all.

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